Aurora Group

The Aurora Group was established in Taiwan in 1965. The meaning of the group’s name in Chinese is “the sun rising from the east”, while the English name AURORA means “dawn’s light”. Both symbolize light and hope, representing power and vitality. AURORA Group began by selling office time clocks, its business areas covered Taiwan, mainland China and many countries around the world, and business scope involve Office Automation equipment, Office furniture, communications, 3D printer, office cloud and electronics. Its efforts have led it to become the leading brand of the Office Automation industry.

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Aurora Singapore

Established in 1991, Aurora International Singapore (AIS) has evolved from a calculator distributor to a full service provider for various office machines. AIS warehousing facilities, logistics capabilities and service centre are fundamental to our success in serving Southeast Asian customers and end users.

Aurora Singapore’s customers span across the entire Southeast Asia. Our wide distribution network includes Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Blangladesh and more. By understanding the value of customer satisfaction, AIS not only supplies customers with the right products, but also goes to the extent of analyzing their sales through data, forecasting future selling trends, recommending in-store display strategies with product placement and seasonal promotional programs.

Aurora Singapore strives to become a full service provider for our valued customers. Our knowledge lies in our ability to develop products from the inception of ideas, to manufacturing/sourcing, to packaging and marketing. We continue to establish and foster strong long-term relationships with our customers and to offer them a level service not present from our competition.